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since september 2018, i've been releasing music. all of these songs are connected as they represent a certain time in my life.

as i move forward, i'm learning more about myself and the chapter of my life that i wrote these songs in is coming to an end.

i wanted to do something to mark this closing chapter so, with the help of paul (off beat graphics), we designed these pieces. the back of the tees are filled with lyrics from all of my past singles. so many memories, so many years of writing, so many life experiences are printed on to the back of this tee, all combined to mark the end of this chapter of my life.

printed on 100% organic ring spun cotton, these unisex jaxson tees are fashionable and comfortable. with the help of tom hutton and the rest of the fanbace team, we were able to create a product that cuts out the middle man when it comes to shipping. for example, if you live in germany, your tee will be printed and shipped from europe, if you're from the united states, your tee will printed and shipped from the united states.

this makes the jaxson tee more sustainable and lowers our carbon footprint. the jaxson tee is also peta approved vegan and stanley/stella, who provide these tees, are a member of the fairwear foundation, which is an international organisation that aims to improve workers’ conditions in the textile industry.

i'm so proud to introduce to you...

the jaxson tee.